ASOIAF Command panel

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A command panel fully detailed in 3mm 275x172x41mm 

Designed to fit a Feldherr mini/ mini plus

dash board and turn tracking
short / long rulers
space for combat units
space for cards
space for dices
space for 64 status and coin tokens
space for 10 activation tokens 
space for 5 objective tokens 

MDF or White melamine MDF

Option 2
48 silver mirror customable tokens 20mm
sword for turn tracking
6x Panicked
6x Vulnerable
6x Weakened
7x Wound
6x Wounds (3)
10x Orders
4x Coin (1)
3x Coin (3)

Option 3
Premium dashboard in gold mirror acrylic, comes unpainted and unassembled
replaces the MDF dash boards and contains more interinquet details