Black Ops Panel

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Organize and take control your tokens during your gameplay has never been easier.  

-Laser cut in 3mm MDF, Each layer stacks with other and the lid. 
-All tokens in the panel can be either standing or flat for an easy storage.
-Includes turn and point dial.

-All section tittles can be cut off and change for different season rules
-It measures 275x172x9mm, designed to fit into a Feldherr MINI PLUS miniature case.
-Capacity for 49 15mm token and slots for 3 objective cards.
-5x3 Magnets not included, (needs 6 units)
-acrylic tokens and silhouttes not included


Box Add-on
-Capacity for:

  • 3 MDF silhouttes (s1+s2 / s3+s5+s6 / s4+s7)
  • 6 (s3+s5+s6) camo silhouttes and tokens + 3 40mm tokens
    or 9 40mm tokens
  • 36 15mm token
  • 21 (s1+s2) camo silhouttes and tokens + 27 25,4mm tokens 
    or 48 25,4mm token
  • Full secondary objective deck (can also fit a s8 silhoutte)
  • space for laser pen and dices (15)


Acrylic premium Add-on

Replaces all section tittles, turn and points dial with gold mirror acrylic.