Jörmungandr MK.1

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Jörmungandr MK.1

This product contains a Jörmungandr MK.1 nuclear submarine.
The Jörmungandr MK.1 is versatile science fiction submarine adapted to allround missions, currently under service of the Son's of Odin in the freezing ice world of Jotumheim.  Spew poison with its long range missiles and defeat your enemies with this mighty creature from the froges of Svartálfaheim. Making it amazing for inmersive sci-fi games. 

It allows to place the armed turret on land or on the bow of the submarine, it also includes 22 articulated missile hatches 

This product is a highly detailed lasercut 3mm MDF and 1mm cardboard, comes unpaited and unassembled.

Size: 958 X 200 X 119 mm